Witchcraft? This Man Claims the Spirit of 2 Women Forcefully Undressed and R*ped Him...Shocking Details (Photo)

Eliud Njoroge, a 35-year-old Kenyan man from Kangemi has made a shocking revelation after opening up about his struggles with spirits who s*xually abuse him.

According to The Nairobian, the man has not had s*x for the past five years because of the strange occurrences that have also cost him a wife.

Sharing his predicament with The Nairobian, he claimed that spirits of two women pays him visit at night to force him to have oral s*x, something that has tormented him for years.

The women allegedly stripped him n*ked and sU-Ck his p*nis for 45 minutes. Once they were done, they vanished, leaving him weak, tired and very thirsty.

'The problem started around 2012. That particular night, I heard footsteps and a girl crying outside my house. It was so real. I went out to see what was happening. I saw two women who upon seeing me, vanished,' he said.

'Days later, my wife traveled upcountry and the two women appeared again. This time, they came to my bed, forcefully undressed me and started sU-Cking my p*nis. I was in a lot of pain and didn’t comprehend what was going on. I remember waking up very tired and weak,' he added.

He also stated that whenever he sleeps n*ked, that is when they come to attack him.

'I realised that whenever I slept n*ked, that is when they attacked me. I am a tormented man. I’ve never had s*x for five years because of them,' he said.

Njoroge is now seeking help from a city preacher with hope that he will exorcise the spirits that visit him at least three times in a week.

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