Wickedness: Father 'Crucifies' Son On A Cross And Displays Him In Public...His Reason Will Shock You (Photo)

A father has been criticized after a shocking image emerged showing his 10-year-old boy who was being punished for not doing his homework. He was forced to kneel on the plastic crate while the homemade cross was tied to his back as punishment.

Shocked neighbours took a picture of the boy in China’s Yongchuan District in the crucifixion position. But, the dad has said it was all a joke.

According to neighbours, the dad runs a fruit shop and is notoriously strict with his son – one of two boys in the family. The dad appeared to believe that the public humiliation would stimulate his son and get him to start doing his homework.

The boy was ‘freed’ from the awkward situation some hours later, but it is unclear whether the unnamed parent has resorted to similar methods in the past.

The father is also angry with his neighbour for taking the picture.

The man said he did not expect his shop to get so much attention, but plans to bring charges against his neighbour for publishing the image without his permission.

It is unclear if the police are investigating the dad.

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